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Virtual parties blog
How isolation parties are connecting us more


Life for us all over the last few months has taken a different course than what we were all expecting! We’re all currently still experiencing restrictions in some way or another, which has meant a very different way of celebrating Birthdays.

Birthdays are truly a magical time for children. No matter what age, I think, every child talks about their next birthday all year around as it’s a milestone and another bigger number and goal to be reached.

So with the rules changing, we’ve all had to think creatively about how we can make our children’s birthdays special, no matter what our circumstances are in life.

It’s not long now until we can host birthday parties again and support beautiful businesses such as My Little Party Hire, who’ve experienced a quiet few months.

However in the mean time, we have put together 5 alternative ideas for celebrating parties, some of which I know we’ll still do even after everything goes back to “Normal” as it’s brought new connections with our friends and family and new traditions for us.

Virtual birthday party blog
My Little Party Hire
1.Drive By celebrations

A new trend during the pandemic has been fun drive by birthday parades. We were lucky enough to witness a few fab drive by’s around our neighbourhood with music blaring, horns honking, birthday banners and gifts being passed through the car windows.

I must be getting soppy in my old age, but it brought tears to my eyes seeing the lengths people are willing to go to make other people feel special!

2.Virtual Parties

Poppy was invited to a fabulous iso-party, which involved being hand delivered a cupcake, a candle and a fun mask to wear the day before the party. This all started to build up the excitement for Poppy at the thought of being able to connect with her school friends again on the computer, although NOT being able to eat her cupcake the day she was given it was pure torture for her!


We were all sent a link to an online zoom party, so Poppy got into her party outfit, put on her mask and at 2pm we set her up in front of the computer with her cupcake at the ready.

It was cute seeing all the little faces on the screen and they all soon got the hang of things and chatted away before it was time for us to come back in, light their candles ready for them to all sing Happy Birthday. They loved that they all got to blow out a candle!

Virtual birthday party blog
My Little Party Hire
3. Activity Parties

We have another Virtual Birthday invite this weekend for Daisy and this one is super special to her. Without “Rona and iso-life”, it’s a party she wouldn’t have been invited to, as it’s for an old kindy friend from our Melbourne days. The girls have kept in touch for the last 4 years writing letters, chatting on face time and we met up face to face last year after not seeing each other for 3 years…so cute!

Each child has also been given a colour scheme, so Daisy has to dress in blue! Luckily her fave colour. They are also planning fun virtual games like the name game which can easily be done over the computer.

I’m also over the moon excited about this party as the party guests are all going to be doing one of our eco activity kits together…The Birthday girls’s mum asked me to suggest our best MINI ECO BAG for them to all be sent in advance of the party, along with a cupcake she’ll hand deliver.

So Daisy and I suggested our Pastel Bag Tags, as is a fun activity for all the girls to sit in front of the computer together, chat and create at the same time showing each other their creations!

To make the bag tags, the party guests will glue on a wooden embellishments to the discs, thread their wooden beads in any pattern they choose and tie the cord to the clasps and decorated discs. This mini bag comes with all the materials to make 2 bag tags for their school bags. They can choose to make one for a friend or sibling and they can even gift it in the calico bag the kit comes in!

An activity, party bag and gift all rolled into one!

You’re welcome!

Virtual birthday party blog
My Little Party Hire
Virtual birthday party blog
My Little Party Hire
Our Mini Eco Bag Range

We have 6 mini eco bags to choose from to do at a party:

1.Bag tags (natural or pastel)

2.Tic Tac Toe

3.Lavender Lip Balm

4.Natural Playdough

5.Clay fossils

6.Ladybird rocks

Our other top picks for an online party activity is our natural play-dough kit that comes with a tin of lavender-scented-galaxy playdough, a metal cutter, rolling pin and 4 wooden shapes on a cube. This is a perfect easy, safe activity for children to do “virtually together”.

Tic tac toe is also fun to make and create together. Simply roll out the air drying clay with the rolling pin in the kit, cut out 10 tiny clay discs, and push in the 10 wooden embellishments. Then once dry, you have a fun game to play and store in your calico bag which doubles as the tic tac toe board and storage bag!

Mini Eco Bag Playdough3-Family Eco Life
Family Eco Life
Tic Tac Toe Mini Eco Bag Square 4
Happy Hearts Salty Souls
4.Host Overseas Online Celebrations

I am particularly pleased with myself on this one…It was a few days before my Dad’s Birthday and we hadn’t managed to get anything organised in time and postage to the UK is pretty much out of the window at the moment.

The girls and I got our thinking caps on about how to create something special and we came up with the idea of hosting Grandpa an online celebration!

So the girls got to work on making cards and birthday posters. We wrapped some little gimmicky gifts, made a cake and got out some drinks and nibbles ready for the party.

We laid it all out on the table, lit the candles and called Grandpa on Face Time ready for a morning surprise in the the UK. We greeted him all signing “Happy Birthday” and then asked him to blow the candles out, which the girls enjoyed helping him 🙂

Grandpa opened his gifts, showed him his posters and cut him a piece of cake…And he absolutely loved it. He said that his virtual party was the highlight of his birthday and had been telling everyone who called about his “party down under”….

Sometimes we just need to think outside the box!

Virtual birthday party blog
My Little Party Hire
5.Small Intimate parties

Now I actually love this, not only for during times of restrictions, but I adore the idea of Poppy & Daisy picking 3 or 4 special friends to enjoy a beautiful afternoon tea in the garden, doing eco activities together. Quality over quantity.

It was after hosting the girls class parties last year where my idea for eco gifts and party bags came from. I was overwhelmed with too many plastic gifts, plastic packaging and plastic prizes and favours!

This is where you can use beautiful Sunshine Coast business My Little Party Hire. They have options to arrange a contactless drop off and pick up and you can decorate and set your party up, or they can do it for you in a park or your back garden.

I adore that it’s all handmade by Jasmin, including all the wooden pieces that she lovingly designs and makes. I love that it’s kind to the planet too, as everything is hired instead of being bought.

You can hire wooden numbers, little low table, gorgeous tree stump chairs, wooden platters and plates, bunting and even tea sets!

If restrictions are still in place where you live, you can enjoy your little Birthday tea party with Mum, Dad, siblings, our paw friends and even extend the invite to teddies, dolls and Spiderman, whoever is their love at the moment can join in!

Virtual birthday party blog
My Little Party Hire
Slowing down and bringing us together

I don’t know about you, but I love that we have been inspired by the pandemic to create new traditions. Being forced to slow down has meant we’ve had more time to think differently, throw online parties, include friends who can’t be usually be part of celebrations physically or being able to include a child who is sick or in hospital.

We’re definitely going to continue to host parties across the waters with grandma, grandpa and our British cousins. We also want to stay connected with our friends in different states and continue to include them at future parties. There’s no reason why we can’t send one of our Mini Eco Bags to our friends, get together online, have friends in person too and enjoy an activity party together.

I hope like us, you are enjoying this slower and more connected pace of life.

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