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At the heart of Poppy and Daisy Designs lies the desire to celebrate life’s special moments with mother nature in mind.

Just like you, we know sustainability is not a fad, but the future.


I had a lightbulb moment for eco-conscious gifts after hosting Poppy and Daisy’s birthday parties last year.
I was overwhelmed with plastic gifts piled up in our loungeroom, and it was so obvious – we need sustainable options for gifting. I got thinking about the alternatives on the market for 5 to 12 year-olds and my mind went blank, other that crafts.

I also cast my mind back to my childhood and realised it involved a lot less plastic, less technology and a lot more hands-on creativity, and imaginative nature play with our families enjoying the experience together.

I want to create similar experiences for Poppy, Daisy and other children – to inspire little creative minds.

You can read our story of how we started here when we were featured by My Brand Journey.


Let's Create Eco Kits- Mini Garden


Lets create a Flower press


let's create Hand made paper


I’m Helen, a Brit from the sunny UK, married to an Aussie who I met during my working holiday in Oz. Fast forward 13 years and I’m still here and now we have 2 little Aussies (complete with Aussie accents, but I make them pronounce their T’s) called Poppy and Daisy, now 6 and 8!

Hubby and I spent 10 years in metropolitan Melbourne and finally made the move to live the dream in The Sunshine Coast to be close to his family.

Being a Brit I never knew that one day I’d be living the life as if I was on the set of Home and Away! It’s truly amazing and I’m grateful every day to be able to step out of our bedroom and into my own pool for a morning dip or go to the beach whenever we want.

The struggle is real though and running a business from home, wearing all the hats, and looking after the house and managing 2 kids! But that’s a whole other blog post about life as a mumpreneur!

If you want to read some more random facts about me, check out my blog post All About Me!

Thanks for stopping by and please reach out – I’m available to chat all things business, collaborations and eco. Even better still, if you’re in the Coast i’m always up for a chai latte!


Much Love,


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