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Welcome to our blog!

Here you’ll find tonnes of tricks and tips to connectcelebrate and create with friends, family and the world around you.

I am the Creative Director of Poppy and Daisy Designs and as a biz-Mum to my girls, I’ve learnt so much on my crazy entrepreneurial adventure.

We are on our eco journey both in our home and in our business with the aim of making sure the future for Poppy & Daisy is fabulous. So I’m learning all I can about making a small difference.  I admit there’s areas I can improve on, so being an over-sharer, I thought I could share my findings with you too.

I’ll be writing about how to be more eco in your day to day life, fun nature based crafts, gluten free recipes and ideas on how to throw kids eco friendly parties…and much more!

My hope is if we all make a small difference, it’ll make a huge impact.

We love creating fabulous eco gift experiences for children, we want to throw fabulous eco-conscious parties and leave no trail of plastic behind us…

Hope you can join us!