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Give a gift that is good for the planet and great for young minds

I’m thrilled to launch our “Let’s Create” range of children’s eco-conscious kits for little creatives!

We will be launching 6 Let’s Create DIY kits this year in time for Christmas gifts including:

  • Handmade Paper
  • Flower Press
  • Fun Fossils
  • Memory Game
  • Friendship necklaces
  • Mini Garden

Here are Poppy & Daisy Designs, our values are centred around inspiring you to connect, celebrate and create!

Handmade Paper

Flower Press

Kids eco gifts-flower press

Enjoy back to nature play with these creative kits to handmake your own clay necklaces, games, shell fossils, beautiful paper, mini garden and pressed flowers.

Fun Fossils

Memory Game

Kids eco gifts-memory game

Have fun rolling and cutting clay, threading beads, planting and decorating. Get inspired with these unique fun experiences and LET’S CREATE.

Friendship Necklaces

Kids eco gifts-friendship necklaces

Mini Garden

Kids eco gifts-mini garden

Each kit includes raw materials to create something inspired by nature. The kits contains materials such as sand, shells, wood, stones, paper, dried flowers and clay.

The packaging inside the kits is paper, card, woodwool, tin and glass jars.

The kits are presented in a kraft box, with biodegradable stickers and of course we will be sending our gifts out in compostable mailer satchels from Better Packaging.

Let's Create Eco Kits- Mini Garden
Pic by @happyhearts_saltysouls

I’m proud to say that we are handmaking the kits in our Sunshine Coast studio. Poppy and Daisy are getting quite good at counting and sorting beads into glass jars now…lol!

A local Sunshine Coast carpenter is handcrafting our flower presses, rolling pins and wooden paper making frames. And yes, we are hand stamping all the products too.

I must also give a shout out to 2 local Brisbane businesses who have been a huge part of this new range. Debi from Debi Brett Photography has done all our fabulous product photos and Jodey from La Fin Design has created our new logo, branding and packaging for our kits. Thank you ladies for all your help and support.


We are going a step further and have releasing our “Let’s Celebrate” range of Mini Eco Bags! Perfect for Eco party bags, Easter gifts or stocking fillers.

Each party bag will contain an eco-experience or creative activity, such as this DIY mini tic-tac-toe or natural play dough activity set with rolling pin, cutter and wooden stamp. This is our answer to no more awful, plastic filled party bags.

Tic Tac Toe eco party bags
Mini Eco Bag Playdough3-Family Eco Life

We are still going to be offering our 100% recycled cards in the range. So, gifts can be purchased with a birthday card or Christmas card.

New designs will be added to the range so watch this space!


At the heart of Poppy and Daisy Designs lies the desire to celebrate life’s special moments with mother nature in mind.

Just like you, we know sustainability is not a fad, but the future. This desire along with our passion for creative design is what sparked our 100% recycled cards and now our eco-gifts for children.

I had a lightbulb moment for eco-conscious gifts after hosting Poppy and Daisy’s birthday parties this year. Being new to the Sunshine Coast, I wanted them both to have big parties with all their new school friends.

Eco-birthday gifts for kids-Poppy Birthday


I was hit in the face with plastic, plastic and more plastic. Not only from the packaging for the party supplies, (why a candle or birthday badge needs to be sold in a plastic bag is beyond me), but I was also overwhelmed by the amount of solid plastic waste that came with the gifts they received.

I’m not talking about the actual toy, but all the unnecessary solid packaging.

Even the gifts that were craft-based came with loads of plastic.

Piled up in our loungeroom in-front of me it was so obvious – we need sustainable options for gifting.

I got thinking about the alternatives on the market for 5 to 12 year-olds…

My mind went blank. Other than books or movie tickets, I could not think of fun, exciting gifts that were not harmful to the environment. There’s plenty of beautiful eco gifts for babies, but not for older children like Daisy and Poppy.

I also cast my mind back to my childhood and realised it involved a lot less plastic, less technology and a lot more hands-on creativity, and imaginative nature play.

I want to create similar experiences for Poppy, Daisy and other children – to inspire little creative minds.

Walt Disney Quote

I know I’m not the only parent with these concerns, so I decided to create the solution with our new eco-gifts and party bags. I’m sooo proud of our new range, and we are already getting awesome feedback.

I’m so excited to be part of the sustainability solution, and hope you join me too.

Much love,



  • Emma10 months ago

    These are amazing! Just what I have been looking for! Well done! X

  • Marianne10 months ago

    What an awesome collection of gifts! Shall
    definitely keep these in mind 🙂

  • Morgan Gabriel9 months ago

    Helen, you are so clever. These are beautiful! Is it strange that I was thinking to myself the other day that I wanted to press flowers and then I saw this. Great ideas. Love the party bag as well xxx

  • mari-angeles stevens2 months ago

    We were so excited to receive our paper making kit,
    The presentation and quality was just amazing !!! Thank you so much