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Are you prepared to entertain the kids at home?
Check your craft cupboard

With school closures and lockdowns imminent, it’s time to get prepared so you have lots of craft supplies at home, ready to get creating and crafting. If you’re running low on craft supplies, now is the time to stock up on paper, cards, paints, brushes, paddle pop sticks and glue!

Have you got enough baking supplies?

Have you got plenty of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder, icing sugar, cookie cutters, rolling pins, food colouring, sprinkles, cooking chocolate, mini eggs etc?

Set aside everyday items

Start setting aside all your millions of empty toilet rolls, old jars, egg cartons, cereal boxes, buttons etc

Easter Eco Craft activities blog
DIY your Easter – Get the kids creating

I know we’re in an odd world right now, but for our children we need to carry on as normal as we can.  I believe this still means enjoying Easter at home.

A bit like we plan for Christmas in our house, we’re going to plan for Easter…

So we’ve got thinking about all the things we want to do for Easter this year to get Poppy & Daisy busily crafting, decorating, baking and gifting this Easter. All activities are able to be done safely from home with the whole family and are good for the environment too.

Easter Eco Craft activities blog
Easter Crafting

Soooo many Easter craft ideas to be done, but we’ve just picked a few of our favourites.

1.Easter bunny loo rolls

These are a great way to use up your millions of empty toilet rolls… Simply cover the roll with paper, cut out some long ears, add a smaller pair of ears in patterned paper and stick the ears in side the roll.

Now decorate the face by sticking on a pom pom nose, adding eyes (we used some wooden cut outs we had around the house), draw on whiskers and glue on some white paper teeth. So cute to have around the house to enjoy Easter and to play games with.

Easter Eco Craft activities 5
2.Clay Eggs

We love air drying clay in our house! We rolled out our clay and used an egg cutter I had from Poppy’s dinosaur themed 3rd Birthday. Using a stick, we made holes so that the twine can go through.

Air drying clay usually takes at least 24-48 hours to dry, but we were impatient and desperate to paint them, so I popped them in the oven for 10 minutes.

We use our water colour paints and enjoyed seeing what colours we could make by mixing them together. After they were dry, we threaded through our twine and they were all set to decorate our Easter Tree!

Easter Eco Craft activities blog 43
3.Paper Flowers

As you may know, I love paper, so have sooooo much beautiful patterned paper and card in our craft cupboard.

Just cut lots of strips of paper, fold them over and stick the ends together making a loop. Then cut out a circle of card and stick all the loops of paper into the middle of the circle. When dry, attach a skewer or paddle pop stick onto the back, add a button to the front and voila.

Make lots in different colours and place around the house in jars or gift! So much fun.

Easter Eco Craft activities 1
Cut strips of paper
Easter Eco Craft activities 2
Loop & stick together
Easter Eco Craft activities 8
Add a stem
Handmade Easter Gifts

It’s a particularly beautiful time to be kind. A time when some can’t leave the house, so be thoughtful and deliver a gift to them that you’ve made with your children.

1.Paper Bouquets

With the flowers you’ve made above, you can collect them together in a bouquet and pop them on the door step on a neighbour or someone who can’t get out and about. Imagine the look on their faces when they see a bunch of handmade paper flowers!

Easter Eco Craft activities 8
3.Easter Card Making

Making cards is such a great activity for the kids, as they have fun making and creating them, then they get use their writing skills to write the cards.

For those family and friends that are not close by or for friends and neighbours we can’t spend time with due to social distancing, popping a thoughtful Easter card through their letter box or in the post, will bring so much joy to both kids who give them and to those who receive them.

Check out our previous blog How to Make an Easter Card with step by step instructions and a free template to make your own.

Easter Eco Craft activities blog 38
2.Easter cookies in a jar

Why not enjoy your time baking Easter cookies and them pop some in an old jam jar and tie some twine or string around. A very thoughtful gift that’s plastic free, creates an activity at home and brightens up someones day who may just need that smile.

Easter Baking
Gluten Free Easter cookies

Such a fun afternoon in the kitchen together getting messy making and decorating Easter cookies, ready for Eating later whilst watching Peter Rabbit!

Here’s the recipe to do them at home yourself and a great Royal Icing Recipe to follow. It’s needs to be smooth enough to apply, but then goes nice and hard to keep your cookies solid and not stuck together.

We love to use cocktail sticks or skewers to dip in to be able to do the delicate decorating.

Easter Eco Craft activities blog
Make your own Easter Decorations

There just isn’t enough time to include them all, but here’s a few of our favourite creative Easter decorations.  We love making these to decorate our house ready for Easter and the Easter bunny.

1.Easter Bunting

Download our free printable Easter bunny bunting template to make your own Easter decorations. We dip into my treasure box of patterned paper and we make bunting to decorate the girls rooms or around the house. We love the gorgeous pastel colours to brighten up the house and of course it’s great fun to make. You just need paper, scissors, string and glue or tape.

Easter Eco Craft activities blog
2.Easter Tree

Have you ever made an Easter tree? Similar to Christmas, you enjoy family time making decorations to hang on your Easter tree. Simply collect sticks and display them in a big vase and hang off your Easter decorations that you’ve made. We make paper eggs and decorations usually, but this year we decided to make clay eggs, mentioned above!

It’s fun to have an Easter tree in the house to enjoy over the Easter period and sometimes Easter eggs appear on it on Easter Sunday too…

Easter Eco Craft activities blog 43
Easter Activities
1.Easter Play-dough

Daisy and Poppy are nearly 9 and 7 and still absolutely love hours creating and playing with play-dough. To be honest I love it too and find it really relaxing and therapeutic.

We have Mini Eco Play-dough bags in our shop that come with a tin of lavender play-dough, a wooden rolling pin, a wooden stamp with 4 designs and a metal cutter. They are gorgeous sensory Easter gifts  that provide hours of entertainment. Check out our range of 6  Mini Eco bags.

Easter Eco Craft activities 15
2.Make your own Easter Bilby Ears

Making Easter Bilby ears is a fun little activity to do with your kids at home. Use our Easter Bilby Ears free printable here to create your own. Just download and print the black and white PDF, then get your kids to cut out and decorate their Easter Bilby ears to wear and play dress ups with!

3.Easter Egg Hunt-Free Printable

We’ve created a colour your own DIY Easter Egg hunt kit free printable.

Download and print PDF at home and get the kids colouring and cutting to make their own Easter letters for decorations, bunny feet and signs to do an Easter egg hunt in your garden or house. Hours of fun to be had prepping for the big day.

I hope that gave you some ideas of how to create a fun, time passing Eco Easter for you and your children.

It’s an uncertain time, but I don’t know about you, but I still want my girls to get excited about creating things together for Easter, enjoy DIY Easter Egg hunts and to see the look on their faces on Easter Sunday.

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