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When does the gift card get sent out?

When you purchase the gift card, you can select the date you would like the recipient to receive their email from you which will include your message and electronic gift card.

Can you send a printed gift card for me?

No we don’t offer a printing service, however you can select to have the gift emailed to your email address. You will receive it straight away and you can print the gift card voucher from the PDF and add it to a card and give it to someone in person. Great for a last minute gift!

How can recipients use the gift card?

Recipients can simply click on the button “Apply your gift card code” on their electronic gift card email or scan the QR code when using a printed voucher. Gift card amount is applied automatically when using these options. On the cart page, there is also an option to add the gift card code manually.

How long is the gift card valid for?

It is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Can recipients add to their gift card?

If there is not enough money on the card for what they want to purchase, they will simply be asked to pay any extra costs at check out.

What about shipping costs?

The amount of money on the gift card will cover the cost of the product and the shipping if the cost of the product and shipping covers the combined price.  If there is any outstanding money to pay, it will be calculated at check out and the recipient will be required to pay via paypal. For example a $60 card will cover the cost of a $49.95 gift and standing shipping, however if the recipient chooses a product that is $64.95 they will have to pay extra to cover the cost of the product and the shipping.

Will unused credit be stored to use at a different purchase?

Yes, the full amount can be used up at different times, so long as it’s within 12 months.