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Easter card blog

Oooh  I love Easter!

I always have, even growing up.  It’s up there with Christmas, in fact I think I prefer it.  There’s no pressure for gift buying and cooking feasts. There’s chocolate, Easter egg hunts, Easter creative activities, hubby’s around and did I mention chocolate already??

I love to get creative with the girls and what better way than making some fun Easter cards with them to give to their friends and teachers!

These are really easy for the kids to cut out and make, and oh so cute.

Let’s get to it and have some crafty fun!

What You Need:

  1. Card
  2. Patterned/coloured paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Sticky pads
  6. Little pom poms/cotton balls
  7. Envelopes
How to Make Easter Card Blog
How to Make Easter Card Blog
How to Make Easter Card Blog

I think it’s best to cut out a couple of cardboard templates of bunnies. You can give these to the kids to cut around on coloured or patterned paper ready to cut out.

I’m super lucky in that I have a fabulous Silhoutte Cameo, which for those you don’t know, it’s a digital cutting machine. So I can have 20 bunnies cut out perfectly for me whilst I sit back and enjoy a cup of tea. But where’s the messy cutting out fun in that I hear you ask?

Step 1

How to Make Easter Card Blog
Cut out bunnies

Step 2

How to Make Easter Card Blog
Attach sticky pads

Step 3

How to Make Easter Card Blog
Sticky bunny to the card

Step 2

How to Make Easter Card Blog
Add glue & pom pom

Ta Da!

And there you have it. Adorable bunnies complete with fluffy tails. It keeps the kids entertained, they’d doing something away from technology or the tv and you can encourage them to write a lovely note to a friend or family member.

Both Poppy and Daisy plan to give one to each of their friends, their teachers and send some in the post to their friends in Brisbane, Melbourne and family in the UK…Good job I have a craft cupboard full of patterned paper, card and pom-poms.

Even if you’re not creative, I think these are simple enough to have a go and see how they turn out.

Happy Easter crafting!

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  • Debi1 year ago

    Love this idea Helen!

  • Wendy Rogan1 year ago

    Great idea getting the girls involved kids get tickled pink when they see the end results, and even more special when giving them out. Good luck on your new ideas and hope your business continues to grow x

  • Isabel1 year ago

    I’m going to do this with the girls Helen – thank you 🙂