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Remember how blissful and romantic it was penning a love letter to your then (or now) crush? Miss congregating and oozing out love lines in an artistic manner and anticipate with hope and wonder upon receiving a reply? Undeniably, we look back and regret the nostalgic moments gone, all thanks to the changed moments described by the use of contemporary ways of relaying messages. But before we begin to embrace the way these sophisticated means have helped us, let’s take a moment and see why we should revive the long-lost art.

Handwritten love letters, much like all the other types of letters offer a touch of warmth and experience that can’t be provided by smartphones, emails and even social media messages. The writing style and reception alone is enough to make the heart glow with grandeur even when the pertinent pieces of information aren’t anything special. And, what’s more, real thoughts, sincere sympathies and passionate and mesmerising feelings of affection cap it up. And, who will never delight in little surprises – like receiving a letter as a form of best wishes?

As your hand dances, ink from the pen makes the paper valuable to leave the intended message in their raw and innate manner. You seal the envelope, and the message, along with the paper, is transported into your lover’s mailbox. At this point, it is only you to imagine the amount of excitement on their face when they are fidgeting, hoping to open the envelope and marvel with your careful wordings and handwriting.

Remember, it isn’t only the recipient of the letter is the sheer winner here. As the writer, you will be glad that you are going the quintessential way and ‘surprising’ them and showing that you are willing to go a different pathway and deliver excitement. Moreover, writing a letter is therapeutic because it makes you relax and feel good. It doesn’t just have to be love letter alone. Presumably, even a Get-Well-Soon letter, a Best Wishes letter or just about any piece is enough to elicit that glow in the heart. You don’t need to wait for them to write to you – write it, and they’ll be happy to reply. And, the best thing here is, you just have to be free, pick a beautiful greeting or note card, gather your best handwriting and your finest pen and get down to it!

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