Nature Bunting Party Activity

Use nature to print your own bunting


Children will love this unique NATURE BUNTING PARTY as they get to be noisy and hammer away making pretty patterns with leaves and flowers. Simple thread the twine after you’ve nature printed 3 flags and you have beautiful bunting to hang up.

This “done for you” party in a box is so easy to set up in a park, your garden or at home around the table, so great for all weather!

It’s an easy set up with boards and hammers, so all you have to do for party prep is to collect leaves and flowers to pop in the middle of the table.

Price is per guest, with a minimum of 5!

Kids will enjoy this eco birthday party as they get to make lots of noise and they will love the thrill of being able to hammer flowers and leaves onto flags to create their own DIY bunting to hang up in their room.

Collect flowers and leaves to lay on the table so that children can lean in and select the colours the want to hammer to make beautiful patterns.
This is such a gorgeous birthday activity to set up and watch guests hammer away making their designs.
It’s ideal for outdoors, in the garden or local park and your neighbours will thank you:)

Why not decorate the take home bags as part of the party, then pop in the finished bunting and any prizes into the bags.

Suitable for all ages!

– Wooden boards
– Wooden hammer
– Cotton flags
– Wax paper
– Twine
– Kraft bags – to take everything home in
– Instructions of how to set up the party

Our kits are not suitable for children under 3 as they contains small parts.

We always recommend adult supervision at all times and for children to be 3 years and over.






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