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While we live in this fast-paced instant world of high end technology that has seemingly taken over the everyday, it’s worth reflecting that the greeting card and thank you note is still considered by most as a truly effective way of telling someone you really care. We express emotion when writing in a greeting card, and it becomes a moment of affection that reveals a deep part of your personality.

We all have busy lives, so in this day and age it’s easier and faster to write a quick email or Facebook message rather than personally handwriting a little something. But the time it takes to choose the right greeting card, and then writing and sending it helps to make people feel valuable and worthwhile. That is a priceless gift. Let’s face it, gift giving is a part of life, and a handwritten message done the traditional way is a way of sending an emotional piece of yourself.

The only thing that matters is you

What better way to tell someone you care? Especially when there’s a significant occasion coming up, like a birthday. And think about it – there are so many benefits to giving a greeting card or thank you note. Think of how happy it makes the person you’re giving it to. These feelings are so valuable to our mental well-being, and in return, you start to feel great about yourself because of how good you made that special someone feel. Sending or giving a card goes a long way towards preserving a good relationship, something to remember.

Ah, the joys of snail mail

Compare gifting a greeting card to getting a parcel in the post. There’s no more delight anymore making the daily trip to the letterbox is there? You know all you’re going to find is a stash of bills or worse still, the never-ending pile of advertising that you just end up contributing to the recycling bin. But take a moment to recall all those times you received a letter in the mail, or a card from your Nan on your birthday. Did it make you light up the street when you saw your name on the envelope, handwritten? Did you start ripping it open to see the beautiful pictures and message created especially for you? Those feelings never go away, even today, when you get an individualised piece of paper in the snail mail. It symbolises someone is thinking of you, and adds more happiness to an already pleasant life.

No particular reason at all

This might be one of the best reasons to send a greeting card. Even if everything is going wonderfully well in someone’s life, it’s always great to hear from a loved one who says something positive and wishes you well. Sometimes, it can be hard to say verbally what we want, and writing it in a card gives us that freedom to say what we want, but somehow can’t.

Nowadays there is a card for just about every occasion, and every relationship. Each one expresses all the human emotions and allows us to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched our lives. Sending personalised greeting cards or thank you notes allows us a vast variety of sentiments that allow us to express our caring to family, friends, customers, clients and employees.

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